Working with Us

The BTF workspace is all about coffee, tea, chatter, films, plants, books and the usual madness that comes with the territory of being creative!

So, if you love images...or making them;
Or if your heart lies in writing;
Or if you find joy in seeing a film come together on the edit;
Or if you think you can bring in zany ideas to the team;

Then drop us a line and we'll holler back.
And for us to take you seriously, sharing your work-reel will definitely help!

When I am not lazy and writing, walks through the BTF office flood my mind, and the coffee of course!

Ever since this semester commenced,
I have on more than one occasion been reminded of my first ever shoot with BTF and those grilling writing sessions with you all and how much it helps me process information and lectures.

It is now more than ever that I realize that there was a lot of learning and training happening at BTF…
had it not been for you all, I don’t think my foundation would have been strong enough to
produce half of what I did.

Couldn’t feel more grateful. Take care guys and if its any reassurance, I am learning 🙂

Garima Pura interned with us this year.
She wrote this note after she went back to complete
her graduation in Mass Communication

Intern with Us

We've had a mad hatter party of interns at BTF and have enjoyed the quirks that each of them brings to the office!

If you're someone interested in filmmaking, studying filmmaking or have taken a leap into this career and feel that you can create value in our office, drop us a line.

While we're very happy to explore freshers,
having some relevant experience in the field will definitely make your pitch stronger.