Rural Development Trust in Andhra Pradesh have been doing some path-breaking work over the last 5 decades. And to commemorate their 50th anniversary, they decided to commssion a film series for the first time in their organisational history - we were ofcourse, both stoked and humbled to be the ones to tell their story to the world!

We produced a film that tells the story of the people of a village in Andhra that has been transformed by the work of RDT. Living as bonded labourers, 'owned' by powerful landlords, these villagers have redefined their destiny and have also become the most powerful tellers of their story of change. The udnerlying philosophy of this film is that of RDT's work, of how love and respect transforms everything and the only power you really need to fuel your spirit is that of dignity.

MM Halli, where this film is shot, is one of the 3,700 villages that the Rural Development Trust (RDT) has been supporting to live, love and thrive.

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